All our camps include a lunch and campers that stay for aftercare get a late afternoon snack.

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All Rockville Sportsplex managed camps are licensed and held to the high standards of the State of Maryland and the City of Rockville.

All Campers must provide a Health History and Immunization Form Here

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All campers are required to sign the new online waiver.

Facility Participation Waiver

Ages: 5-14
Bring your child to The Michael & Son Sportsplex in Rockville for a week of fun this summer. If your child enjoys sports or wants to try new sports, this is the camp for you. Your child will have a week of fun, learning and playing sports that might include flag football, soccer, wiffleball, volleyball, basketball, kickball, team handball and others.

Pre-registered Costs for One Day:
Full Day (9am-2pm)- $60
Extended Day (8am-6pm)- $80

Daily Drop-Ins (not pre-registered) for One Day:
Full Day (9am-2pm)- $70
Extended Day (8am-6pm)- $90

Costs for Full Week:
Full Day (9am-2pm)- $210
Extended Day (8am-6pm) - $335

Drop in's for our summer camps are welcomed! We also will prorate any week of camp for those who cannot attend the full week. Please note, we do charge the slightly higher "daily rate," as it is a better value if you sign up for the full week.

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Health History and Immunization Form Here
We have a no refund policy

Example Day
9:00am- Warm-Up
9:30am- Soccer Instruction & Game
10:20am- Break
10:30am- Basketball Instruction & Game
11:30am- Lunch Break
12:15pm- Kickball
1:00pm- Team Handball
2:00pm- Break
2:10pm- Flag Football Instruction & Game
3:00pm- Floor Hockey Instruction & Game
3:30pm- Break & Run Down
4:00pm- Wiffle Ball
5:00pm- Basketball
6:00pm- End of Day Check out

  • Coaches 10:1 ratio to campers.
  • Camps include a t-shirt for each camper.
  • Soccer & Basketball camps are instructional, but kept fun.
  • We provide hourly after care until 6pm, it is $115 per week or $8 per hour.
  • Multi-Sport camp: ages 6-14
  • Play variety of sports.
  • Kids are grouped by age.
  • We can place friends and siblings in the same group.
  • Register for the full week or for a single day, whatever your schedule allows.

Facility Participation Waiver